Hollow Shell is a physical and non-linear experiential confrontation of what has been endured. What began as self-exploration, examining personal value and self-worth, dealing with a loss of self, and exploring what's lost and what gets left behind. The work has now grown to pose larger questions, who or what comes back? Who are these shadow shell selves, exactly? Hollow, empty, and fraught with uncertainty, temporal entities that exist now but may have always existed. Timeless, floating, and without grounding. It is about the surface and associations without guidance on how to convey meaning or reveal what’s hidden underneath. The works deal with having a false sense of self-worth after being devalued. A journey through the eerie beauty within everything. It has developed into a dynamic, expanding piece of work that raises more questions than it offers answers. The uncertainty that directs the journey is now the question. Finding oneself possibly nowhere, always in the present but looking back; unfinished.

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